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Vet Squad 5 Pack Assortment

Animal-saving adventurers needed! Meet the Vet Squad: Ava, Emily, Yara and Robin a sassy squad of intrepid explorers who are always ready to race to the rescue. Clip on their backpacks and theyre ready to go on their next adventure with their faithful companions by their side. Grab your vet-tech and join the squad as you care for animals big and small.


Ava is always the first one to get there when an animal is in danger. She grabs her favourite quad bike and races to the rescue. She loves dancing and wouldnt go anywhere without her faithful companion, Leo the cat.


Emily is a real tech expert; she always has a new idea how to boost the squads vet-tech. If an aquatic animal is injured, she hops in her speedboat and heads down to Rescue Reef to save the day. When shes not on the rescue, she loves listening to music with her favourite pet friend, Brooke the dog.


Yara is a skilled medicine maker who never goes anywhere without her magic potion! When she zooms in on an injured animal, she races to the rescue in her favourite 4x4. When shes not mixing potions, she likes to get creative and make art with Luna, her rabbit.


Robin is the best at nursing in the squad. She always knows how to care for injured animals and make them feel better. When an animal is poorly she heads off with her helicopter to save the day. She also loves singing along to her favourite songs with Snowy, her owl friend.

Grab your vet-tech and discover their world as you race to the rescue to care for animals big and small. Collect all of the super-cute animals that need your love and care and make them feel better using your very own vet equipment!


  • Collect all of the poorly animals and take care of them
  • Great for fun, imaginative play
  • Perfect gift for any girls and boys who love animals
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