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LEGO Friends Heartlake City...

Introduce your child to a world of imaginative play with the LEGO Friends Heartlake City Restaurant (41379) set. This beautifully detailed building set is perfect for kids who love role-playing and creating their own stories. The Heartlake City Restaurant adds a touch of charm and excitement to the LEGO Friends collection, offering endless hours of fun and creative construction.

Playing at being grown up is easy with LEGO® Friends 41379 Heartlake City Restaurant. Realistic features, such as the salad bar, reception area and stone-style pizza oven pave the way for hours of imaginative play as your little builder acts out dining with friends at a restaurant. Or creative kids can role-play the chef, preparing the food in the kitchen and serving the guests sitting at the al fresco balcony table.

Inside, the salad bar is movable to create space to allow access for freer play within the restaurant, while outside the play is extended as kids imagine that Chico the cat goes hunting in the dumpster for scraps with his new feline friend that lives at the restaurant. For a final dimension of imaginary fun with this creative toy, let your child invent the identity of the elusive graffiti artist, who comes to the restaurant at night and leaves their tag. This fun construction set includes 3 mini-dolls: Emma, Ethan, and a chef, plus 2 LEGO cat figures. Find it at your preferred toy store in the UK.

What's Included:

  • 624 Pieces - Includes everything needed to build the Heartlake City Restaurant, complete with a pizza oven, kitchen, dining area, and even a scooter for deliveries.
  • Three Mini-dolls - Features LEGO Friends characters Emma, Ethan, and a chef, making playtime even more dynamic.
  • Authentic Accessories - Comes with kitchen utensils, food items, and a romantic setting that includes a salad bar, flowers, and a telephone for taking orders.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Building Set - This set is designed with an incredible attention to detail, featuring a 2-story restaurant with a kitchen downstairs and a rooftop dining area with a juice bar upstairs.
  • Interactive Play - Kids can open the refrigerator to find all the ingredients, cook a pizza in the oven, dine at the roof terrace, or zoom off on the scooter to deliver meals around Heartlake City.
  • Build and Rebuild - Encourages creativity and problem-solving skills as children build the restaurant or use the pieces to create their own creations.

Educational Value:

  • Enhances Motor Skills - Assembling the set can help improve fine motor skills through the manipulation of small pieces.
  • Boosts Creativity - Provides opportunities for storytelling and role-play, enhancing imaginative play and creativity.
  • Social Interaction - Great for playing together with friends, fostering communication and teamwork.


    • Brand: LEGO
    • Theme: LEGO Friends
    • Ages: 6 - 99
    • Total parts: 624
    • Launch Date: 01-06-2019
    • Weight: 990 gram
    • Dimensions: 48,00cm x 6,10cm x 28,20cm

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