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LEGO® 10987 DUPLO Town Recy...

Introduce your little ones to the importance of recycling with the LEGO® 10987 DUPLO Town Recycling Truck Colour Sorting Toy. Designed for children aged 2 and up, this engaging and educational set combines fun play with valuable life lessons about environmental responsibility. Kids will love sorting colorful recyclables and learning how to keep their town clean.

Key Features:

  • Educational Play: Teach young children the basics of recycling and color sorting in a fun and interactive way.

  • Easy to Build: Specially designed for little hands, this set is easy to assemble and helps develop fine motor skills.

  • Interactive Elements: The set features a movable recycling truck with a tipping function, various bins for color sorting, and recyclable pieces.

  • Role-Playing Fun: Includes 2 DUPLO figures—a driver and a child—plus several colorful recyclable items for imaginative play.

  • Bright and Durable: Made with vibrant, durable DUPLO bricks that are perfect for toddlers and young children.

  • Eco-Friendly Theme: Encourages children to think about their environment and develop eco-friendly habits early on.

Perfect for Little Builders:

  • Age-Appropriate Design: Ideal for children aged 2 and up, this set offers a safe, engaging, and age-appropriate building experience.

  • Skill Development: Promotes fine motor skills, cognitive development, and social skills through interactive and educational play.

  • Expandable Fun: Compatible with other LEGO DUPLO sets, allowing for expanded creative play and learning opportunities.

What's Included:

  • A recycling truck with tipping function
  • Colorful sorting bins
  • 2 DUPLO figures: a driver and a child
  • Assorted recyclable pieces in different colors
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