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John Adams

Explore a wide selection of John Adams toys at Gordon Toy Store. Enjoy exclusive deals and direct purchases with fast shipping options. Find the perfect toy for every child today!
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John Adams Rubik's Magic Perplexing Magic Set
  • -13%

    The Rubik's Perplexing Magic Set lets you produce, vanish and transform the iconic Rubik's Cube!Includes over 135 tricks to wow and impress your friends - just like a real magician.Contents:Rubik's Cups and balls Instructional Booklet...

    Splashy The Whale Game
    • -9%

      About this item The electronic squirting, skill and action game! Splashy the friendly whale will eat anything he finds out at sea. Hook an object with your fishing rod. Don't tickle his tounge, or he...

      Foodie Roos Plush Assorted Collectable Characters - John Adams Foodie Roos Plush Assorted Collectable Characters - John Adams
      • -23%

        Foodie Roos are adorable mini plush collectible characters that look, feel and smell just like their favourite foods! Each Foodie Roos container gives a hint at which character inside, with a unique “Peek a Roo”...


        Keepsake boxes Make 2 pretty keepsake boxes by covering them with tissue paper and then decorating with stickers and 3D toppers. Cover two keepsake boxes with tissue paper and glue and then get creative! There...


        Paper Bracelets Easy to make Fashion Bracelets out of paper! Make 8 colourful bracelets  Learn to make spiral-shaped paper beads  Easy to make with the bead tool  A fun spin on jewellery making  Suitable for...


        Have fun decorating a butterfly, bee, ladybird and a caterpillar. Butterfly and Bee both have 3D wings to attach and stickers for decoration. Lots of cute eye stickers to choose from. Each bug has its...


        Make and stitch stylish bracelets! Learn the basics of cross stitch and make 8 sparkly bracelets with silver coloured yarn and silvery charms! Cut the soft plastic mesh to match your wrist size, thread the...


        Knit your own fashion bag Follow the easy step by step diagrams to learn basic knitting skills and make your very own fashion bag! This ‘first’ knitting kit will show you how you can easily...

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