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Sylvanian Families Family P...


  • Contents: A main unit, a rack, a back door a table, a handle, a basket, 2 child seats, cheese, croissant, plate a drink
  • A Sylvanian Families car with a roof rack, that can fit up to eight figures. Sold separately
  • The boot door and seats turn into a picnic table set!

Product Description

The Sylvanian Families Family Picnic Van is a car with a roof rack, that can fit up to eight figures. Remove the boot door and seats to turn them into a picnic table set.

Combine with other products Sylvanian Families (sold separately) for more fun style changes! Combine with Bakery Shop Starter Set to transform the van into a mobile bakery. Or combine with the Red Roof Cosy Cottage kitchen to transform it into a camper van.

Dive into the enchanting world of Sylvanian Families with our delightful blind bag collection! Each Sylvanian Family blind bag holds a charming surprise, offering a miniature member of these beloved animal families. Perfect for collectors or those new to the Sylvanian world, these blind bags promise whimsical characters and endless storytelling possibilities. Explore the magic of Sylvanian Families with every surprise reveal!

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