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Top 5 Gifts For A 1 Year Old: Top Picks from Gordon Toy Store

Top 5 Gifts For A 1 Year Old: Top Picks from Gordon Toy Store

Celebrating a child's first birthday is a significant event for both the child and their parents, marking a year of tremendous growth and many firsts. Selecting the perfect gift that is entertaining, educational, and engaging is essential. Gordon Toy Store has carefully curated a list of gifts that are ideal for one-year-olds, ensuring that they cater to the needs and delights of these young explorers. Let's delve into these top picks, including a special highlight from our LEGO Collection, which makes an excellent addition for little builders.

1. Mystery Boxes: The Gift of Surprise

Gordon Toy Store offers a variety of Mystery Boxes that make choosing the right gift both simple and thrilling. You can pick from the Green Box, which is budget-friendly; the Orange Box, which offers more premium items; and the Family Box, perfect for gifts that the whole family can enjoy. These boxes are filled with age-appropriate toys that surprise and delight both the child and their parents, making them an excellent choice for a first birthday gift.

2. Wooden Block Building Set: Build and Learn

A timeless and educational gift, the Wooden Block Building Set from Gordon Toy Store is perfect for developing early motor skills and cognitive abilities. These sets include blocks in various shapes and colors, helping toddlers to improve their problem-solving skills and learn about the world around them through play. It's a foundational gift that supports both learning and fun.

3. Mini Wooden Piano: Musical Discoveries

Introduce the enchanting world of music to young children with the Mini Wooden Piano. Featuring 11 colorful keys that emit real piano sounds, this instrument is designed to be both educational and entertaining. It comes with music sheets that play simple melodies, ideal for young children to start their musical journey. The volume control ensures that the music-making is always parent-friendly.

4. Baby Einstein Magic Touch Deluxe Piano: Interactive Music Play

Encourage your child's musical creativity with the Baby Einstein Magic Touch Deluxe Piano. This innovative toy uses touch technology to allow toddlers to make music by simply tapping on the wooden keys. It's a fun and engaging way to help develop their sensory and auditory skills, and it's designed to be easy for little hands to use.

5. LEGO My First Bricks: A New Addition to the Collection

Newly introduced to the Gordon Toy Store’s LEGO Collection, "LEGO My First Bricks" is specifically designed for toddlers. This set includes large, colorful bricks that are easy for small hands to handle and assemble. The pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing young builders to create everything from animals to buildings. This set not only sparks creativity but also aids in fine motor development and problem-solving skills.

6.Trading Card Games: Early Learning Fun

Introducing the latest addition to Gordon Toy Store's product range, specially tailored for young minds—Trading Card Games designed for toddlers. These card games are visually stimulating and simple enough for one-year-olds to enjoy with their families. They help in teaching basic skills such as recognizing colors, shapes, and simple words, making them not only fun but also educational. Each set features large, durable cards that are easy to handle, ensuring they are suitable for little hands and can withstand energetic play.


Choosing a gift for a one-year-old involves blending fun, educational elements, and functionality. Gordon Toy Store’s expertly selected gifts offer something special for every young child, ensuring that your gift delights and contributes positively to their early development. From mystery surprises and classic building blocks to innovative musical toys and our newest LEGO set, these gifts are crafted to inspire joy and foster learning.

Celebrate the milestone of a first birthday with a thoughtful, enriching gift from Gordon Toy Store, promising joy and discovery for both the child and their parents.

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